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Alana Orr - Bass, Vocals

Michael Schirmer - Keyboards

Michael Bernier - Drums 

special guests



Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Michael Bernier started out on Violin at the young age of 10. He slowly gravitated to drums where he found a comfortable position in learning patterns in rythym whilst playing with local musicians in all genres from British new wave cover bands to Frank Zappa cover bands to get his disciplines in order.

A few years later Michael went on to guitar where he found a new way of looking at music.... ya' know the musical way. After playing other instruments (Tabla, Cello, Bass, Chapman Stick, etc.), he decided to move into the Hudson Valley in upstate New York to get away from Long Island and the city to record and play with different musicians.

After a few years he had befriended and/or played with musicians like Sonny Rollins, Natalie Merchant, Paige Hamilton, Sara Lee, Jack Dejohnette and Tony Levin) who all reside in the Hudson Valley. After years of developing his skills on multiple instruments Michael decided to record his first solo demo album entitled "Solo Fugue", A humble digital 8~track recording all recorded in his home and with all instrumentation (Chapman Stick, Guitars, Bass, Cello, Violin, Rhodes Keys and drums) performed entirely by him.

With a multi-genre approach, Michael melts influences from jazz/ fusion bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson, Gong with the etherial beauty of Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Lush creating a very unique sound all his own.

Michael is curently residing in the Hudson Valley playing shows and giving Tony Levin Chapman Stick lessons. He is credited in the liner notes of Tony Levin's "Stickman", thanking him for advanced stick techniques.

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Michael Bernier Trio Live at the Muddy Cup

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