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     Olga Dikaya (Dyachkovskaya) and Slava Moroz are classically trained musicians who have performed extensively around US and Europe. After one of their concerts in Woodstock a local recording engineer and a promoter Carlito Steen approached the couple and proposed a new project aimed at fusing different elements of classic music, rock and jazz. Slava Moroz, who tours as a world class violinist with a number of classic ensembles, joined forces with a bass player and a guitarist at Steen’s studio where they recorded some of their experiments. After hearing the first recording Olga, a poet and a world class soprano, joined the group as a vocalist and a song writer. There were always a number of musicians involved in the project. Michael Schirmer on the keyboards, Manuel Quintana on drums, Alana Orr as a bass guitarist, Peter Beutner with a sax and flute, and the back bone of the ensemble - violinist Slava Moroz and vocals Olga Dikaya created this recording in the winter of 2006. The musicians never set a particular score for the parts. In every performance there is an element of surprise and improvisation. Olga and Slava explain their experience with the music they create as channeling of mystical forces from Woodstock. The highest level of understanding exists between Olga and Slava on all levels of creative process. When the same connection happens between all the musicians involved in the InPravda project, the flow of music is unstopable.

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