Orchid was created as a medium to bring the music of Alana "Duchess Of Funk" Orr to the world. On the recordings, she writes and records all the vocals, bass lines, drums, guitar parts, some keyboard, and programs horns and other instruments, while some other parts have been written/ recorded by various members of the band, respectively.

   As a bassist for Grammy Award winner, Van Hunt, Alana has toured the US, Europe and Japan and appeared on numerous TV shows including The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, CD USA, and a live television broadcast in Paris. As the bassist for Wind-Up Records Artist, Megan McCauley, Alana has appeared on 4 taped episodes of the Steve Wilkos Show and played major venues throughout the United States. She has also played George Clinton as well as many other notable names and talents. Now she fronts Orchid as a bass player and lead singer when the band plays live with a horn section, back-up singers /dancers, guitar, keyboard and drums.

   The band consists of a cast of rotating members, all of them with the ability to display their immense talent through improvisational expression within the songs when performing live. The sound of the band as a whole is an intense force of groove, contrasted by female vocals that alternate from rhythmic to melodic which gives Orchid a very original sound.

• Alana Orr - Bass & Lead Vocals (live)
• Liana Turner - Backing Vocals
• Savia London - Backing Vocals
• Peter Buettner - Saxophone
• Ben Newsome - Saxophone
• Otto Control - Saxophone
• David CasT - Saxophone
• Manuel Quintana - Drums
• Chris Gartdrumm - Drums
• Ruperto Ifil - Drums
• Kristen Capolino - Guitar
• James Orr - Guitar
• Joey Eppard - Guitar
• John Esposito - Keyboard
• Michael Schirmer - Keyboard, Production, Mixing, Engineering
• Ted Orr - Guitar, Tablas, Mixing & Engineering

☆Alana "Duchess Of Funk" Orr AKA Alana Orchid - Music & Lyrics
(Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Programming, Production,
Mixing, Engineering, Administration, etc.)